This weeks has been an interesting one for the Issues Program. We went to our first event as media for Anime Boston with B3 and you can look on the site for all ours, Jacedown Studios and B3 crew work. But the drawback is my computer has being filled out from every angle uploading, editing and such so it was hard to have time to plug in my audio equipment and record a show.

Fear Not, inspired to talk about our collective rage, New Issues Program Co-host (someone have I’ve wanted to get on a show for a while) Sam or Opie as some of you might know him, and i turn on the crappy laptop mic and let it roll. So Sorry about the quality but this rage was too raw not to put out there! Again *Warning not the best Audio this week*

So take a listen to a low audio quality- high fun quality Issues Program this week and the last episode of this years Star Trek Month.

The Issues Program Episode 12: Star Trek Month-2 Nerds Rage and Some Drunk Anime Ranting!

ps. I also included a few clips of some recorded notes made for my news story about Anime Boston. You can hear me start to get drunk and silly and occasionally hear King Baby Duck and JCR poking in. I was not going to put this out but it makes me giggle!

Again sorry for the quality, but sometimes you just need to put the rawness out there!