Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
Red Fly Studios

Before starting this review it’s safe to say I’m a huge Ninja Turtles fan. As a kid I watched the cartoons, collected the toys, and was a big fan of the movies, at-least the first two. The video games were always something that were very special to me as well. My friends and I would go to the arcade and pump lots of quarters into the machines and we played Ninja Turtles arcade games for hours.

When the Ninja Turtles arcade game came to the home consoles it did not translate quite as well. No 4 player action and limited move set made the NES version of the game just not quite as good. We also had that other Ninja Turtles video game for the NES which I will not go into. It is safe to say the consoles Turtle games have been lacking. There are some exception like Turtles in Time for SNES and the Tournament Fighter and that Smash Bros. clone wasn’t wasn’t too bad but lacked a good roster.

So when I heard about Out of the Shadows I was very excited for what looked like the first quality Ninja Turtles game in a long time. I also recently became a big fan of the new series on Nickelodeon. Check of my review about the first part of Season 1 on the website here. But how did this game live up to my expectations?


The combat mechanics of the game are somewhat similar to that of Batman Arkham City but in some ways quite different. Each turtle fights very uniquely and it is important to level up your turtles to get the true feel of the way the game works. Red Fly should of made a Splinter tutorial mode instead of April to show you what a fully powered ninja could do I feel the way to game starts off with the underpowered Turtles could put a lot of people off that would not want to dive deeper into the game.

But once you power up your Turtles and work on the combination of using multiple brothers at once you can juggle opponents while switching off and truly feel in control of this game.

The game is set up in a linear style with 4 chapters to replay. There isn’t much exploring and you travel along the straight and narrow and follow the storyline. There’s a lot of combat to be had but I would like a little bit more exploration as jumping from the rooftops is so much fun I would like to do it in a more open world environment.


The game offers some other features as well like Arcade mode that similar to the old arcade games which some old school fans may enjoy better because than the main game. There is also a challenge mode which truly excels in the replay value of this game where you can just have endless amounts of opponents coming at you and fight as one turtle over and over again improving you score. It’s very fun and the mode I keep going back to when I pick up and play.

The music and the voice acting are spot on. I just wish there was more of it. The game starts out with the song from the first Turtles movie TMNT Power and the whole song can be listened to when watching the credits. That brings up an obvious love for the Turtles history from Red Fly. They stick in a ton of references to Turtles history . It’s this love that carries this title through some of its rough edges and makes it a must play for any hard-core Ninja Turtles fan.

The game is not without faults and there are many. As I mentioned earlier the game starts off slow with the abilities that your Turtle has and that can be overwhelming. You also may feel you are moving slow especially for using Raphael or Donatello.
The game is also very glitchy. You will fall through buildings, random oponnants will get stuck in the air, dialogue will start out when it shouldn’t. These things and definitely become annoying sometimes. This is not a pick up and play sort of game you need to put in some time. I think this is part of the reason that so many reviewers are giving it a low score because they didn’t play enough of the game to get the upgraded and enjoy the best aspects of the game.


There is also an online multiplayer where you can play with random people or your friends and complete the story the story mode over and over again and unlock new abilities. The game is very packed full of content for the price point. Red Fly did an extremely great job of packing so many references and love for the TMNT name. This game serves as a great demo or starting point for a major company to fund Red Fly to make a new game for the next generation systems. I feel if they keep going in the direction that they’re going this franchise could be the best beat them up style adventure game out there in the market.

7 out of 10

Not perfect and tough for pickup and play but a lot of hidden gems in this cheap title to keep you wanting to play more. All ninja Turtles fans should play this game.