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Project Beast is now BloodBorne and it’s all PS4


Project Beast is now BloodBorne and it’s all PS4

Hi everyone! It’s John Riley, former co-host of the Issues Program and Phil has allowed me to start writing for his website again! HOORAY! Along with my livestreaming on Twitch.tv I will be able to share with you some great news on upcoming and future games for Playstation! So let’s get this going!

JCIPAround a month ago screen shots and whispers started circulating around the interwebs and the first time I heard about it I believe was on Gamer Tag Radio. About nine in game screen shots and one title screen showed up on a May 2nd 2014 NeoGAF post by NG member HERLA and the game was PROJECT BEAST. According to the title screen this was the working title of a new game by FROM SOFTWARE who are the developers of Demon Souls and Dark Souls. The pictures were a godsend and helped ease the pain of patiently waiting for DEEP DOWN to come to the PS4 in the US but I wanted more. Of course as we all know that the majority of all AAA games look quite different when they actually come out, case in point Dark Souls 2, but that did not hinder me enjoying what was on my computer screen.


Cut to present day and it’s the last day of E3 and I find out that FROM SOFTWARE finally released more stuff on their secret game!! The PlayStation 4 exclusive has a new shiny name called BLOODBORNE and I think it fits perfectly with the look of the game and it sounds pretty bad ass. Director Hidetaka Miyazaki is the man behind this and he is stated (in the Japanese magazine FAMITSU andVG247.COM) that this is not a Demon Souls sequel and is an entirely new IP. When asked WHY?? He clearly stated

“Back in 2012, before the announcement of the PS4, [Sony Computer Entertainment] originally approached us with the idea, ‘would you be interested in making a new game for new hardware?’ so this was never considered as a Demon’s Souls II.”
BloodBorne’s character is a dual wielding trench coat wearing hunter that looks like the lead character from Le Pacte de Loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf) and he fights zombie like victims of some strange epidemic illness that is spreading like wildfire in an ancient city called Yharnam.











The trailer looks even better than the stills that were released earlier, granted it is all pre-rendered scenes but HOLY HELL THIS LOOKS SO AWESOME. The trailer consists of beakers of blood, a creepy man in a wheelchair, an unruly mob with a demon dog, and then cut to a stranger in the dark gutting a monster dog (can’t say zombie or demon) with a weapon that looks like a medieval razor blade like the one Sweeny Todd had but only if it was bought at Spencer Gifts. The trailer follows the main character slicing, gutting, poking the baddies with his weapons in a montage (gotta have a montage) and then points what look like a shotgun/blade to the temple of a bearded baddie to see that he looks like he has pink eye…or a life altering zombie infection. There is a bit more after that but I suggest you watch it for yourself to truly enjoy it. With help from JAPAN STUDIOS and published by SONY thus making it a PS4 exclusive BLOODBORNE will hopefully be out in 2015 and will still look as good as we have all seen during its unveiling. I believe they are already taking pre-orders LOL (SONY WASTES NO TIME!)



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