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Citizens Of Earth Review | The Issues Program

Citizens Of Earth from Atlus and available to play on the 3DS, PS4, PS Vita, PC and Wii U is a smart and funny RPG that is not only fun to play but pays homage to the style and feel of the great RPG games of the past and at the same time remaining unique with extremely charming characters.

You start the game as the new Vice President of the planet and almost immediately as you starting your time in office you start building your team of interesting characters. You encounter these interesting folks around the subtly designed world from your Mom to a homeless guy dressed like superhero on the street. Now the Vp does not fight himself instead he is like a Pokemon Trainer barking orderers.

Those different people you encounter is where the game is truly memorable. Some of the abilities and skills the folks you pick up have are extremely funny and keep the game always feeling new and adds an interesting layer to usual RPG stereotype characters.


The combat is very familiar if you have played turned based RPGs before. Not reinventing the wheel or anything but the game combat does what it’s supposed to do and is very simple to navigate.

The enemies you run into range from easy to difficult well as you become more powerful and the game is always a good challenge with never being frustrating. It’s a great balance but as you become better and really learn how to use the characters together it becomes even more fun to tear through enemies.

CoE_NovShots (8)

Personalty, I really enjoy these type of games and it has elements of Pokemon, Earthbound, Fantasy Star, Shinning Force, and Fire emblem to name a few. And that is some really great company. I truly enjoy gathering characters together to create a team. I love replaying these RPG games for years to come and Citizens Of Earth is on I will be playing through for a while.

8 out 10
Very fun and engaging for people who love the genra. But if turn bases RPGs are not your thing this may not be for you.



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