Game of Thrones Season 7 Jon and Daenerys Boat Sex Song
Ice went inside Fire! Jon and Daenerys had an epic love scene on a boat. Creating the Boat Sex dream that most people will probably be excited for.
They want The Mother of Dragons and The King in the North feeding in to their desires while some may be thinking about Picnics with Drogon and Ghost. (Rhaegal is not invited)
But the whole thing makes me giggle and I wrote this song to the tune of Guy Love from the Scrubs Episode “My Musical “about my feelings. Don’t take it too serious :P And asked Steph to sing with me and Jonnie Giantsbane to put a video together!
Hope you enjoy!

Huge thanks to Stephnez from for singing with me and to Jonnie GIantsbane for Editing the Music Video

Here is a link to Jonnie’s channel

Audio for the Karaoke Version of Guy Love is curtesy of WintersAffair

And the song Guy Love is From the Scrubs Episode My Musical