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Star Trek Month: Over-Hype Kills All


Star Trek Month: Over-Hype Kills All

The New Star Trek Film Into Darkness comes out in less than a week. This is JJ. Abrams second entry into the world of Trek. His first attempt Star Trek (2009) was a good film that reignited some peoples love of the original characters and also brought Star Trek to a whole new audience. People that never gave the franchise another look were praising the film and Trek was in the mainstream like never before. The movie going audience was hungry for more and sequel was slated.

This film has got a great deal of pre-hype and early fanfare claiming that this will be the movie JJ. really gets to stretch his wings and put his stamp on the series. This is all well and good, but too much hype can be very troubling.

There is nothing in the world that can hinder the success of the film more than over hype. The 2009 film was in a great position with people writing off the franchise after the lack of success of Enterprise and Nemesis. So it was in the perfect opportunity to surprise people with some great action and humor by basically making Trek fun again.


But Into Darkness is almost universally being praised before people have even seen it. Folks that are only fans of the superhero phenomenon are talking about how good this movie could be and it’s on many best of 2013 lists already. These kind of over-exceptions have never been good in the past.

Films like Indiana Jones 4, Dark Knight Rises and even the Flintstones have all faced crazy over hyped audiences that were just let down. Having expectations set too high going into a film hinders ones ability to truly judge the work objectively. Say someone tells you this person is crazy beautiful, perfect, the greatest ever or the same thing about a Video Game, show, or even a song. That game, woman or whatever better be like Usual Suspects good to live up to the build up.

Sometimes this over hype can work. The Avengers is a great example of using that hype to feed the beast and that turned out great. It’s hard to curb that hype when something is that exciting but we as film goes need to try to go into movies with as little exceptions as possible. This will encourage film makers to take chances and not feel they have to hit certain notes that people are expecting.

Personal, going into Star Trek Into Darkness I’m expecting to hate it. I personal always have really low expectations so I can be pleased not disappointed. But, hey I do have issues.

Star Trek Into Darkness open in Theaters In The USA on May 17, 2013



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