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Twisted Pixel Brings “Splosions” Of Fun With Bundle


Twisted Pixel Brings “Splosions” Of Fun With Bundle

Twisted Pixel recently released a special bundle of some amazing games. For 2400 Microsoft points you get four games. What would cost almost $50 is now available for just about $30. The games in the bundle are The Maw, Spolsion Man, Ms. Splosion Man and Comic Jumper. Having not had a chance to play any of the games other than Splosion Man I could not wait to start playing.
Lets look at each of these very entertaining titles.

The Maw

This game is incredibly unique and probably my favorite of the whole bundle. Twisted Pixel’s The Maw is one of the most unique games I have ever played. It’s a 3D platformer with lots of puzzles. In the game, you feed a little creature and as it eats it gets bigger and gains different talents. While playing, the thought of Yoshi or Kirby would pop up, even though the game feels nothing like either of those franchises. The similarity comes from the whimsical feel and sense of humor of the game. Not to mention having an alien creature eat things and gain abilities definitely reminds one of those titles. The game is fun and looks great. The only issue is it keeps you wanting more! Hopefully in the future we get a sequel, because the gameplay was very addictive! Twisted Pixel, please make a Maw 2!

Splosion Man

Splosion Man is an insane game, in all the best possible ways. You play as Splosion Man and an experiment went wrong, so you explode constantly. You are like the guy from Heroes that almost blew up the city mixed with Willy E. Coyote. The game is your escape from the lab, where you have to explode yourself in some of the most interesting platforming levels one could imagine. The game is hilarious, from the reactions of the scientists running from you, to the ridiculous sound when your character runs around destroying everything he touches. Splosion Man is basically a 2D platformer with over 50 levels and believe me when I tell you, this game gets hard. You can also play this game multiplayer with two to four players teaming up to tackle fun platforming puzzles. There doesn’t seem to be much to say wrong about this game. It is truly successful in what it is trying to achieve. It’s funny, challenging and a great party game.

Ms. Spolsion Man

Ms. Splosion Man is to Splosion Man like Mrs. Pacman is to Pacman. An expansion on the great idea of the first game. This time Ms. Splosion Man, the main character, is a crazy valley girl that has you cracking up right from the main menu. The levels look crisper and more diverse than the original game. It is even more fun to play and, not to spoil anything, the final boss is worth the price of the whole bundle.

Comic Jumper

Comic Jumper is a bit different that the rest. There is a bunch of dialog, but oh is it hilarious! The main character, Captain Smiley, ironically has a big smiley-face and he also has a talking star on his chest who is his sidekick. The pair are ridiculously funny together and the things they say back and forth make me want to replay the game repeatedly just to pick up on the things I may have missed. The game play is difficult and varied. Sometime you are playing a beat-em up and other times a side scrolling shooter. You can unlock different bonus content, which keeps you wanting to play more, and the crazy story about this out of work superhero gives ones as much joy as watching the Tick. Most comic and superhero fans will find a great deal of enjoyment in the world Twisted Pixel created.

I’m all for deals and if you have not had a chance to play these games yet I highly recommend picking up this bundle.

The Twisted Pixel bundle is a must buy! 4 kick ass games for $30!
10 out of 10


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