So this will be a tough game to truly give a full review at this time. The game of Animal Crossing is not really a game one should judge in a short sample size. The true experience of the game is over the course of a year or even more for one to see all the content and interact in all ways with your town and neighbors. (With No Time Traveling)

Also worth mentioning is that I didn’t get too far into City Folk and never played Wide World but was a huge fan of the original Gamecube Title. So I was prime and hungry for a great experience. Here are some initial thoughts after around a month of playtime.

New Leaf opens up in the same place as the previous games on the train heading into a new town. This time there is a different twist. You are set to be the Mayor and apparently have more of a role in the development of your town. This was a great idea and adds some more to do and many things to use to decorate outside your house and around town but also more things to pay for as well. Start collecting Bells right away!

What i’m referring to is as Mayor you can set the Town Tune, Flag, start public works projects or even change town ordinances to do things like keep the up late, or early, rich or a few other options to customize you gaming experience. It would of been cool if you had more control over your towns layout at the start or could pass multiple ordinances in town instead of just one. I feel the Mayor thing is a good start and curious and excited on how this will evolve with future titles from this franchise by giving the player more and more options for play.

Once you are all settled in town and get your house and becomes accustomed to the inhabitants you gain the option to travel to an island and interact with other that are playing live and play games or make some serious loot finding bugs. Also you can build a dream center , a public works project that lets you trade “dream” version of your town to let others check it out and explore with freedom to not mess with your stuff. You can also visit others dreams as well for the same fun.

The 3D in this game is breathtaking and this is where the games really shines from it predecessors. The game looks beautiful in 3d or 2d and is full of life, speed and vibrant colors as the days change. Playing a month or so and just seeing the summer season inspirers the thought of how the rest of the year will look when Fall and Sprig roll around.

The music and sound in New Leaf are unique , funny and entertaining and all the subtle touches like shooting stars , rainbows, and random bands at the club all add to the feeling of an alive world.

Everything in this game is pretty much what you remember and loved about Animal Crossing . You buy a house pay off debt, collect things, do errands, play and make friends. It’s all is there and feels fresh and fun with the 3DS being the perfect vehicle.

My only gripes at this point is you can only make one town per 3DS. My roommate share our 3DS and both want to have town and that is impossible we will have to buy a 2nd 3DS (We were planning on doing that for Pokemon X &Y anyway, but just had to do it early). It also seems like everything is on the “tomorrow philosophy” If you pay off a project early in the morning you need to wait till the next day for it to be built and everything in New Leaf is like this. “it will be done tomorrow.” Tomorrow tomorrow I love you tomorrow . Sorry got carried away cause every time they say tomorrow I think of the song. But that is kind of freedom one has in this title you have plenty of time to think in song.

Animal crossing New Leaf is a must buy for any fan of SIMS type games or a fan of the past games in the series. It also has enough charm to win over new people to not just the game but the 3DS as well.

Freaking Awesome!

9 out of 10