On this episode of The Issues Program we talk about some movie bombs, some hate for the Nintendo hate but most of the show is about the New Netfliks series Orange Is The New Black.

We are joined by Mr. Len Kaplan from Wrestling Talk, amongst other things, to talk about our connection to the Author of the book, the series took inspiration from, Piper Kerman. We also touch base about the changes in the medium of TV.

Gadi calls in for the 2nd half of the show to talk more about Piper, Orange Is The New Black and Len. Then we give credit where credit is due and get into a love fest for Kate Mulgrew. Well, maybe a little Voyager re-writing and hate too. (We are in recovery and trying to stop this hate but it’s really hard. Kate was horrible on Voyager!)

Take a listen to The Issues Program Episode 19: Red Rules Orange

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