It’s over and has been a good ride.

Nintendo Japan and Europe finally made it official this week something has been talked about a lot over the last couple months that the production is over for the Nintendo Wii. It’s an end to a console that made a big difference when it first we was released in 2006. It seems that Nintendo USA is the only hold out.

Before being released it was called “Revolution.” Personally I think they should of kept the name because it does properly describes the impact of the Wii. When the first game play videos were shown I really did not know what to expect. Nintendo did though. In 2005 there was all sorts of hype coming out from them about how this would revolutionize gaming and bring people of all ages to play together. They easily succeeded.

The Wii is easy to look down on now partly because of this past generation being one of the longest and it bringing out the Wii’s weakness. A lot of the best games of the generation were not able to be ported over to the Wii system and if they were it was a more cartoony versions or features were taken out. But when the Wii was first released it had quite a big pull in the industry


And not just with gamers. It was one of those systems that broke barriers down and converted people that hadn’t played video games in many years. It also became the buzz toy for a while. Some people would just piuck up a Wii and not even know what they were getting.

The Wii with its motion controls influence the other two companies ,as is usual, Nintendo innovates when others replicate.

The Wii was a great system. Online wasn’t perfect, the graphics were not HD but the games that work on the system were extremely fun and help usher in an era of new gamers. So as Nintendo Japan and Europe close the door on the Wii and looks to the Wii U let us hope that when the game started hitting the shelves the U can get some of that success and sell the brand again. Now Nintendo USA wake up